CBMI 2014

12th International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing


Note that this program is preliminary in the sense that still small changes can occur. There is also a mobile version of the program available: Mobile CBMI Program



Content-Based Retrieval

Chair: Savvas Chatzichristofis, Democritus University of Thrace, GR

  • Chahid Ouali, Pierre Dumouchel and Vishwa Gupta;A Robust Audio Fingerprinting method for Content-Based Copy Detection
  • Jorge A. Vanegas, John Arevalo and Fabio Gonzalez;Unsupervised Feature Learning for Content-based Histopathology Image Retrieval
  • Quoc Viet Dang, Sandrine Mouysset and Géraldine Morin;Symmetry-Based Alignment for 3D Model Retrieval

Large-Scale Multimedia Indexing and Search

Chair: Markus Schedl, Johannes Kepler University Linz, AT

  • Mats Sjöberg and Jorma Laaksonen;Using semantic features to improve large-scale visual concept detection
  • Jean-Hugues Chenot and Gilles Daigneault;A large-scale audio and video fingerprints-generated database of TV repeated contents
  • Hisham Mohamed, Hasmik Osipyan and Stephane Marchand-Maillet;Fast Large-Scale Multimedia Indexing and Searching

Local Features for Visual Retrieval

Chair: Patrick Gros, INRIA Rennes, FR

  • Sabin Tiberius Strat, Alexandre Benoit and Patrick Lambert;Bags of Trajectory Words for Video Indexing
  • Chryssanthi Iakovidou, Nektarios Anagnostopoulos, Athanasios Kapoutsis, Yiannis Boutalis and Savvas Chatzichristofis;Searching Images with Mpeg-7 Powered Localized dEscriptors: The SIMPLE answer to effective Content Based Image Retrieval
  • Mohammadreza Babaee, Reza Bahmanyar, Gerhard Rigoll and Mihai Datcu;Locally Linear Salient Coding for Image Classification

Multi-Modal Retrieval

Chair: Werner Bailer, Joanneum Research, AT

  • Fabian Paez, Jorge A. Vanegas and Fabio Gonzalez;Online multimodal matrix factorization for human action video retrieval
  • Karina Ruby Perez Daniel, Jenny Benois-Pineau, Sofian Maabout, Gabriel Sargent and Mariko Nakano;Scalable Video Summarization of Cultural Video Documents in Cross-Media Space based on Data Cube Approach
  • André Mourão, Flavio Martins and Joao Magalhaes;Inverse Square Rank Fusion for Multimodal Information Search

Tools & Evaluation

Chair: Mathias Lux, Klagenfurt University, AT

  • Werner Bailer, Alberto Messina and Fulvio Negro;Task-based Performance Assessment of Automatic Metadata Extraction Tools
  • Claire-Hélène Demarty, Bogdan Ionescu, Yu-Gang Jiang, Vu Lam Quang, Markus Schedl and Cédric Penet;Benchmarking Violent Scenes Detection in Movies

Visual Concept Detection in TV and Movies

Chair: Georges Quenot, LIG, FR

  • Paul Gay, Gregor Dupuy, Jean-Marc Odobez, Meignier Sylvain and Paul Deléglise;Comparison of Two Methods for Unsupervised Person Identification in TV Shows
  • Bendris Meriem, Delphine Charlet, Damnati Geraldine, Benoit Favre and Mickaël Rouvier;Scene understanding for identifying persons in TV shows: beyond face authentication

Special Session: Medical Image Analysis

Chair: Manfred del Fabro, Klagenfurt University, AT

  • Michael Häfner, Michael Liedlgruber, Andreas Uhl and Georg Wimmer; Evaluation of Super-Resolution Methods in the Context of Colonic Polyp Classification
  • Ben Ahmed Olfa, Benois-Pineau Jenny, Allard Michelle, Catheline Gwenaelle and Ben Amar Chokri; Diffusion Tensor Imaging retrieval for Alzheimer’s disease detection

Special Session: Multimedia Metadata

Chair: Vincent Charvillat, University of Toulouse, FR

  • Werner Bailer and Andras Horti. TAME-Diff: Smart Differencing of Time-aligned Multimedia Metadata
  • Petru Nicolaescu and Ralf Klamma. SeViAnno 2.0: Web-Enabled Collaborative Semantic Video Annotion Beyond the Obvious

Special Session: Image Retrieval in Remote Sensing

Chairs: Sébastien Lefèvre, University of Bretagne Sud, FR, and Philippe-Henri Gosselin, ENSEA, FR 

  • Romain Negrel, David Picard and Philippe-Henri Gosselin. Evaluation of Second-order Visual Features for Land-Use Classification
  • Gholamreza Bahmanyar, Gerhard Rigoll and Mihai Datcu. Comparing The Information Extracted By Feature Descriptors From Images Using Huffman Coding
  • Erchan Aptoula. Bag of morphological words for content-based geographical retrieval
  • Houria Sebai and Assia Kourgli. An adaptive CBIR system for remote sensed data

Posters & Demos

Chair: tba.

  • Christian Ries, Fabian Richter, Stefan Romberg and Rainer Lienhart; Automatic Object Annotation From Weakly Labeled Data With Latent Structured SVM
  • Rosa-María Menchón-Lara and José-Luis Sancho-Gómez; Ultrasound Image Processing based on Machine Learning for the Fully Automatic Evaluation of the Carotid Intima-Media Thickness
  • Yogesh Singh Rawat, Chidansh Bhatt and Mohan S Kankanhalli; Mode of Teaching Based Segmentation and Annotation of Video Lectures
  • Ersin Esen, Savas Özkan, Seda Tankiz, Ilkay Atil and Mehmet Ali Arabaci; Detecting Image Communities
  • Liefu Ai, Junqing Yu, Tao Guan and Yunfeng He; Efficient Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search by Optimized Residual Vector Quantization
  • Emir Sokic and Samim Konjicija; Novel Fourier Descriptor Based on Complex Coordinates Shape Signature
  • Abdelkader Hamadi, Philippe Mulhem and Georges Quénot; Annotation of still images by multiple visual concepts
  • Sebastian Gerke, Antje Linnemann and Patrick Ndjiki-Nya; Augmenting Training Sets with Still Images for Video Concept Detection
  • Sergio Rodriguez-Vaamonde, Lorenzo Torresani, Koldo Espinosa and Estibaliz Garrote; Improving Tag Transfer for Image Annotation using Visual and Semantic Information
  • Bernard Merialdo and Usman Niaz; Uploader models for Video Concept Detection
  • Fulgencio Navarro, Marcos Escudero-Viñolo and Jesús Bescós; Enhancing region-based object tracking with the SP-SIFT feature
  • Mateusz Budnik, Johann Poignant, Laurent Besacier and Georges Quenot; Automatic propagation of manual annotations for multimodal person identification
  • Zsolt Palotai, Miklós Láng, András Sárkány, Zoltán Tősér, Daniel Sonntag, Takumi Toyama and András Lőrincz. LabelMovie: Semi-supervised Machine Video Annotation Tool with Quality Assurance and Crowdsourcing Options (DEMO)
  • Jakub Lokoc, Tomas Grosup, Premysl Cech and Tomas Skopal. Towards Efficient Multimedia Exploration Using The Metric Space Approach (DEMO)
  • Peggy van der Kreeft, Kay Macquarrie, Max Kemman, Martijn Kleppe and Kevin McGuinness. AXES-RESEARCH — A User-Oriented Tool for Enhanced Multimodal Search and Retrieval in Audiovisual Libraries (DEMO)